Sunday, December 16, 2012

Music is a Gift

There was a long time during this semester that I forgot what I was aiming for in life. Sure, I went through the motions and learned everything I needed to, but I didn't feel passionate about any of it. The whole choral vs instrumental debate sort of helped to busy my life up and make things a little more difficult, but it ended up being a long haul.

Towards the end of the semester, I started to realize that I really have a gift for music, and I'd been overlooking that. I'd underestimated all the compliments and, "Great job last night at that concert," comments and forgotten that I was actually a pretty great musician. I went through Surround Sound's first real paid show, an awesome jazz combo concert, great gigs with Brandy, choral concerts, and even Madrigals, and still didn't realize that I was really good at (and getting paid for...) a lot of musical things.

When Brandy and I played a gig at East West Brewhouse earlier this semester, a lady came up during our break and complimented a song she knew well (More Than Words - Extreme), and introduced herself as working for a record label and a radio station. She took our information, and started passing us up through the line to see if it would go anywhere. How. Freakin'. Cool? And yeah, it was kind of just another day. Play some songs well, get paid some money, go home. I really hardly thought anything of it, but it's sort of a big deal. 

 It really didn't hit me until I read a paper that Dr. Guenther shared with me by one of his students who attended the Honors Recital. She had to attend a concert on campus for the class and went there. She talked about clarinets, pianos, and trumpets but said her favorite performer was me. "Every high note sang and note seemed perfect." It was an inspiring performance to at least one person in the audience, and I never would have known had Dr. G not said something. Turns out she had played flute in high school and didn't have time for band in college, but felt inspired to play again.

The point is...what I do is moving. It's emotional: it's inspiring. It's a beautiful art that I took for granted for a long time and turned into a simple exercise of "practice this passage, practice this technique, breathe this, louder here, more vibrato, speed up, slow down." It's a beautiful thing. It's a gift that I have to share with the world. Whether I end up teaching and trying to inspire other people to share their gift with the world, or if I end up finding some random break and playing guitar the rest of my life, I'm going to share music with the world.

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  1. Sometimes my friend we don't realize how marvelous it is that we can create beauty out of thin air. We are sometimes so concerned about the theory and the history that helped music evolve to remember what the real purpose of music really is. As I like to say we are not merely musicians but we are purveyors of beauty. We are what greet the new born and we are there when others times had come to depart. We are just tools of god and we are then the music itself that we create and that is truly something special.