Thursday, August 9, 2012

College: Year 2

Tomorrow, I move back to Ashland and start my second year of college. I had a great experience last year and I'm really excited to get back to school, but it's ultimately become bittersweet, because I realized just how many people I'm going to miss this year.

This summer has been such a great growing experience for me. All the time I've spent with Tim and Emily in community band and the Annie Pit have reminded me how much I love to perform. How much instrumental music means to me. Randomly discussing composers and theory, learning the beginning stages of conducting and talking about history has kept my fire burning and kept me learning, while still recharging my batteries and getting me ready for school. I'm going to miss hanging out in Applebee's, judging people we went to high school with, nerding out over music, and having a great time. If you'd asked me four years ago if Tim Wolf and Emily DeVincent would be two of the closest people to me, I wouldn't have known what to say. I wouldn't have been able to see myself growing up enough to appreciate how I live my life now. You two are probably some of the best influences and friends I've met, and I love you to death. This summer--even my life and appreciation of music and performance would't be the same without you.

Growing apart from some people and closer to others has begun to show me how much I've grown since I left for school. I've begun to develop more logical processes to study and absorb material, I've begun to analyze and understand things at a higher level. But I've grown up a lot and understand the important parts of life. I know that I can put myself through anything and I'll make it out alright.

Honestly, I've begun to understand that leading a truly rich life means being open-minded. That means listening to new music. Trying new instruments, styles, techniques. For example, who would have thought I would love singing as much as I do now? If it weren't for Andrew suggesting I give choir a shot, I wouldn't have joined Surround Sound, I wouldn't be considering a choral major, and I wouldn't have had half the experiences I did this year. I wouldn't have met Brandy Kay, I wouldn't be writing and arranging choral music, I wouldn't have visited Canada, or met half the people I did. Whether I ultimately decide to switch to vocal music or stay with instrumental, it's opened my eyes to an entire world that I never understood before. I've barely scraped the surface, and it's incredible how much there is that I have to learn.

All of this change, understanding, and learning happens with an open mind. I have to remind myself to be open to new things all the time, because it's not always easy. But it's so worth it. I've learned so much, and I'm so excited to be back. I know there are lots of people I'll miss, but I can' wait to learn all that I possibly can this year. I'm ready for the challenge--drumline, Chamber Singers, Surround's gonna be a great year.

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