Saturday, April 21, 2012


There are a lot of people I go to school with that are professional. From the standpoint of the music department, they're the people who don't text through their rehearsals and screw around and blatantly act like a fool in front of the people who hold their future in their hands. That's at least the bare minimum of professionalism.

But those people who get out there and learn their music better than anyone else are the ones who know what it takes to be great. There are plenty of us who just learn things until they're right. Practice really is just beginning when you get the notes down correctly. Practice is about learning it right and then doing it right in repetition until you can't do it wrong. Even then, mistakes are bound to happen.

There are also plenty of people who show up to performances with no time to warm up or be truly prepared. It takes me plenty of warm up and time for mental preparation to feel like I'm ready to go out and give a good performance. It takes me a solid 20 minutes most of the time to warm up and get "in the zone" sometimes, but how can you expect to just show up and wing it?

It bothers me to no end when people just blow off their responsibilities to an ensemble. When they refuse to focus and text for whatever reason it may be. I think the worst thing about these people is when I see music majors who just don't care for their ensemble at all. It's crazy that you'd blow off an ensemble that you want to teach one day. Yeah, I understand that if you have given excused absences and it's approaching finals and that's  your best time to study, maybe you need to. Yeah, things come up. There's just no excuse for talking and texting in band or choir or anything like that. It's rude to your director, to all of your peers, and you're not going to learn anything, my friends. Why do it?

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